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Get Inspired. Stay Visionary

“The Interesting Design” by Achilleas Kritikos is an Interior Architecture & Concept Design studio, specializing since 2003 in hotels, restaurants and high-end residential architercture and interiors.

It all starts with an interesting idea.
I believe in the necessity of suprise. I am committed to authenticity. I am passionate and curious about interior architecture and I am inspired by my travels, past periods and traditions, nature and art. My aim is to develop a creative partnership between me and my client. I never stop pushing boundaries and breaking rules, creating design outside of stereotypes, that is tailored to meet my client's unique wishes and demands and exceeds all his expectations. Every design tells a well thought-out story, leaving nothing to chance.

I create exceptional places, where guests enjoy spending time!

I create exciting experiences through interesting design!

Achilleas Kritikos
Interior Architect

Our Services

Interior Architecture & Design
Hospitality Conceptual Design
Branding & Identity
Cost Consultancy Services
Construction & Project Management


High-end Residences

Interior design must correspond to comfort and functionalism and to the different needs of every home. Choosing and combining suitable materials with color and lighting, we achieve an excellent aesthetic result, either you wish to renovate or decorate your home.
Services: Interior Architecture & Design, Custom-made Furniture Design, Sourcing, Lighting Design, Landscape Design
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Luxury Boutique Hotels

The point of departure in Boutique hotels design is an idea-concept, which becomes the main theme of design. Concept design is especially conducive to hospitality industry, and includes apart from decorating, the logo design, menu, uniforms worn by employees and anything related to Brand Identity. Custom made designs aim to satisfy our clients and cover the particularities of each space. We design custom made furniture, lighting elements, wallpaper, carpets, decorative objects etc. Services: Interior Architecture & Design, Concept Design, Brand Identity, F&B Consultancy, Spa & Wellness Interior Design, Custom-made Furniture Design, Sourcing, Styling, Cost Consultancy Services, Lighting Design, Landscape Design, Construction & Project Management


Restaurants & Bars

Interior Architecture of the restaurants and bars takes into consideration the functional form and organisation of the place, in other words realises the particularities of the client's business. Design and decoration base their philosophy on the desires of the client.
Services: Interior Architecture & Design, Concept Design, Brand Identity, F&B Consultancy, Custom-made Furniture Design, Sourcing, Cost Consultancy Services, Lighting Design, Construction & Project Management